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Contact Lens Fitting Classes

Our trained technicians are available to help any first time wearers in contacts. Our classes consist of contact lens insertion and removal, as well as, eye lens care and storage. Contacts can come in daily, 2 weeks, and monthly wear schedules.   Below is a PDF copy of our Contact Lens Prescription Signed Acknowledgement Form you will receive once your contact fitting has been completed in our office:

Types of Contacts

Multifocal are designed to provide clear vision at all distances for those who have refractive errors.

Toric lenses are specially designed to correct astigmatism. They are made out of a breathable hydrogel material. 

Eye Enhancing contacts are designed to enhance your eyes natural color. 

Soft lenses are generally more comfortable to wear and stay in place better than hard contacts. These contacts are flexible and thin enough to allow oxygen to pass through. This increases the comfort and helps maintain eye health. 

Color Contact Lens can enhance the natural color of your eyes or offer you a total change of color. 

Questions about Brands? Colors? Prices? Feel free to give our office a call and our contact lens specialist can help. 

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